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Vilma Jackson is an award-winning performance artist working across art forms, including film, stage, television, music video and theatre. She is also an accomplished filmmaker and director who skillfully employs film to draw attention to critical social justice issues. Her work masterfully captures the raw and unvarnished truth of inequality, taking viewers on an emotional journey that leaves a lasting impact.


Throughout her 14-year career in the performing arts and acting, she has had the opportunity to work with exceptional directors on various projects and roles. She has had the honour of collaborating with some of the most renowned directors in the industry on a variety of high-profile projects, including Coronation Street (2022), the Meta/Facebook collaboration (2022), Sign Night (2021), Send Back the Echo (2022), and Dear Hearing World (2019). 


Vilma Jackson Productions is dedicated to creating unique art pieces that inspire awareness of social injustices faced by the Deaf community and society in general. Through her artistic creations, she aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the unique challenges and obstacles encountered by this marginalised group. Her ultimate goal is to spark positive transformation and forward movement towards a more inclusive and equitable society.


She transports the audience into the eyes and mind of the sufferer, using her passion and creativity. Experience the world from this perspective and see how you feel.
Vilma strives to create cinematic experiences that inspire, educate, and provoke change. She believes that 'film' has the power to create meaningful societal impact and begin positive change in the world.




Throughout Vilma's childhood, she was fascinated by television and movies. She loved to watch and learn from the actors and performers. There was no question in her mind that she wanted to be a performance artist.
‘’I was inspired by artists like Charlie Chaplin and the Marx Brothers growing up. As a Deaf person, I appreciate the ability of artists to convey happy or emotional moments through their skills and make the audience feel those emotions.’’
Vilma’s debut as a solo artist and director was the short film ‘Triple Oppression’. The work won four international short film awards and was critically acclaimed. Vilma’s second commission was ‘The Vilma Jackson Show’, a passion project aimed at raising awareness for diverse members of society. Vilma’s latest project, “The Cycle,” will have its premiere screening on the 25th and 26th of October 2023 at Rich Mix.
The goal of Vilma Jackson Productions is to provide opportunities for diverse members of the Deaf and hearing community in both artistic and production roles. Want to know more? Get in touch now.

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