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to make a change.
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The creator, Vilma Jackson, is the owner of Vilma Jackson Productions. Her career as a performing artist has spanned 13 years across Television, Film, Theatre, Music Video and many more. She has had the privilege of learning from talented directors and actors in both the hearing and Deaf worlds, and these experiences motivated her to create Vilma Jackson Productions. 

As the owner of Vilma Jackson Productions, she specialises in the entertainment industry and includes film, music, and theatre productions. Her works as a filmmaker and writer include "Triple Oppression" and "The Vilma Jackson Show" under Vilma Jackson Productions.


She is acutely aware of the lack of representation and opportunity for Black and Asian members of the Deaf community. She aims to promote diversity and showcase talent as well as provide valuable work experience as a part of a production crew on creative and exciting projects through her production company.

Her goal is to form a bridge between the hearing and Deaf communities. It is intended for you to enjoy the work. In order to expand her creativity, she is planning more projects. I hope you enjoy Vilma Jackson Productions’s projects.

Vilma Jackson
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She creates compelling
performance art
and campaign for change

Vilma Jackson Productions was founded three years ago with the express intention of introducing mainstream audiences to talent within the Deaf community. As an artist, she strives to highlight the social injustices we face every day. Bringing awareness to the issue is the first step to bringing about change.

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Vilma Jackson Productions

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