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Vilma Jackson collaborated with Facebook/Meta to produce a motivational video that encourages individuals to pursue their professional goals.


Vilma Jackson has a heart full of compassion for individuals who face challenges while working towards their dream careers in the media, music and theatre industry. She understands their struggles and empathises with them, as she has previously experienced similar obstacles on her journey. Her perspective on the world is one that seeks positivity and hope for those who may feel underrepresented and overlooked.


Although Vilma has had wonderful experiences and opportunities in the media industry and has worked with high-profile companies. Despite her success, she hasn't forgotten her roots, so she remains grounded and wants to give back to others. It is now dedicated to providing opportunities to others through her company, which is why she founded Vilma Jackson Productions.

She Became The Change She Wanted To See

She Became The Change She Wanted To See



Vilma is especially proud of the work in 'Dear Hearing World' directed by Adam Docker. This short film is based on Raymond Antrobus' poem by the same name. The film blends Raymond's spoken words with music and Vilma's powerful and thought-provoking performance using British Sign Language set in striking urban London scenes. 


This short film has received multiple awards across various categories, including Best Short Film, Best Sound, and others, from several international festivals.

This important piece of work calls out audio supremacy and asks us to acknowledge the deaf protagonists defiant indignation at their treatment by the hearing world. The poem 'Dear Hearing World' is partly inspired by Danes Smith and is from Raymond Antrobus' critically acclaimed poetry collection called 'The Perseverance'.