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Vilma aimed to create a chat show in the style of 'Talking Heads', highlighting the talent and diversity within the Deaf community. The show would offer members of this community a platform to share their stories of overcoming societal barriers and achieving success. The show was filmed at Broadly Studios in London during the Covid-19 restrictions, and the high production values and content delivered are a testament to Vilma's vision.

''It is important to me that individuals from diverse backgrounds have role models and feel empowered to pursue any path they choose. In addition to promoting diversity among my show's guests, I also hired a diverse production crew. However, these positions are often difficult for individuals who are hard of hearing or Deaf to obtain, and this needs to change'' - VILMA JACKSON

To see the full version of episode 1 and episode 2​, you will have to visit Vilma's Facebook page. Another innovation from Vilma and she insisted that episodes be released on Facebook as this among other social media platforms is how the Deaf community consume their content.

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