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A Black Deaf woman who is caught up in domestic violence and lost in translation. But should this be taken at face value?


She's lonely. In fact, abused and trapped in silence by her abuser. The trauma she experiences from the abuse means she is unable to live a normal life. Until one day she builds up the courage and grabs an opportunity. Police officers arrive at her house. Will she be heard? Will the police protect her? Or will she be another statistic? Things do not turn out the way she expected.


by Vilma Jackson 

The Cycle - Poster.png

 Raise Awareness Of The Domestic Violence


'The Cycle' holds immense significance for Vilma Jackson Productions. Vilma Jackson recognises the acute need for support and resources within the Deaf community, particularly among minority ethnic groups who have faced domestic abuse. Sadly, these individuals often don't receive the same level of assistance as their white counterparts.

This is why Vilma believes it's crucial for everyone, regardless of gender, race, faith or disability, to receive equal and immediate support.



The film "The Cycle" has been honoured with numerous awards - securing 10 winners and 3 nominees accolades at various international festivals. This recognition serves as a testament to the film's excellence and positive reception within the global cinematic community.


Winner - Best First Time Director
Winner - Best Actress
Winner - Honourable Mention: Narrative Film
Winner - Honourable Mention for The Best Short Film
Bronze Winner - Narrative Short
Winner - Outstanding Achievement Award for Women Short
Joint Winners - Best Special Make Up
Nominated Awards - For Best Director (Female)
Nominated Awards - For Best Indie Short
Nominated Awards - For Best Ensemble Cast

Official Trailer 2023

The Previous Event 

Vilma has organised a one-night event for "The Cycle" at Rich Mix on the 25th of October 2023. The event included the premiere of the film, followed by a panel Q&A session and a networking opportunity for visionaries. We had amazing attendees who were truly engaged with the film and panel discussion.

They had so many questions. This is one of the reasons why Vilma Jackson worked tirelessly to raise awareness, enabling them to better understand and learn so much from it. Vilma is thrilled to report that the event was a tremendous success. The feedback regarding both the film and the event was overwhelmingly positive.


Don't just take my word for it, see the reviews from attendees.



The Previous Premiere Event

Photography by
Mark Sherratt

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