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A Black Deaf woman who is caught up in domestic violence and lost in translation. But should this be taken at face value?


She's lonely. In fact, abused and trapped in silence by her abuser. The trauma she experiences from the abuse means she is unable to live a normal life. Until one day she builds up the courage and grabs an opportunity. Police officers arrive at her house. Will she be heard? Will the police protect her? Or will she be another statistic? Things do not turn out the way she expected.


by Vilma Jackson 

'The Cycle' holds immense significance for Vilma Jackson Productions. Vilma Jackson recognises the acute need for support and resources within the Deaf community, particularly among minority ethnic groups who have faced domestic abuse. Sadly, these individuals often don't receive the same level of assistance as their white counterparts.

This is why Vilma believes it's crucial for everyone, regardless of gender, race, faith or disability, to receive equal and immediate support. By supporting 'The Cycle,' you're not just attending a screening, but also joining a cause that advocates for inclusivity and empowerment.

Your involvement makes a tangible difference. Get your tickets now, and be a part of this movement toward a more inclusive and supportive community.


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Join us for the highly-anticipated premiere event on October 25th and 26th at Rich Mix, where we will showcase the compelling film 'The Cycle.'

This event promises an enriching experience, featuring the film screening alongside an engaging panel discussion with the director and film team. Additionally, we are honoured to have a charity dedicated to addressing domestic abuse shine a spotlight on this critical issue.

But wait, there's more! Our gathering extends beyond the confines of the media industry. We welcome visionaries from all walks of life, providing a unique opportunity to connect, share ideas, and ignite inspiration.

Secure your tickets now using the link below, and be a part of this transformative event.

We've captured some wonderful behind-the-scenes moments through our lens, giving you a glimpse into the incredible experience we had with our talented team and actors during this production.

The issue of domestic violence is always difficult, especially when it occurs in communities like the Deaf community, which has its own special needs. With "The Cycle", Vilma Jackson aims to give a voice to the Deaf community and members of the Black, Asian and LGBT+ communities (women and men alike) to express their experiences of abuse and its long-term impact on those who survive this horrific ordeal. Psychological and physical pain experienced by survivors of domestic abuse.

The latest film ''The Cycle'' which is a thriller/psychology drama from Vilma Jackson Productions will show how Deaf women are seen and treated in society, which in turn affects how their options or expectations to escape an abusive relationship seem impossible. This film will offer a different perspective on understanding abuse and most importantly challenge the stereotypes surrounding it. It will raise awareness of domestic violence and give viewers an insight into the psychological and physical pain experienced by the survivors of this society.

But what if the Deaf person is Black or Asian? How do the authorities treat people from different ethnic backgrounds? Lack of support networks, inability to communicate effectively with the police, or even lack of awareness of minority communities. The end result is that a victim of domestic violence and mistreatment by the authorities can compound the original violence.

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