The Cycle 

Domestic  Abuse 
Increasing  Awareness

 Social  Justice

Deaf Community


The 'Cycle' is Vilma Jackson Productions latest Social justice short film project. Ever since the pandemic, domestic abuse and toxic relationships have been on the rise! This is especially true in the Deaf community.​

Vilma Jackson Productions is creating a new short film (The Cycle) which will be a thriller/psychological drama that ultimately highlight the issues around the domestic abuse going on in homes up and down the country. It could be your best friends home but the stigma around this social problem is so strong that even your friends don't want to believe it could be you.


I wanted creative freedom to explore the dark boundaries of this topic. That is why I am seeking crowd funding for this short film.

As usual at Vilma Jackson Productions, the short film will include actors, crew and production team with the required expertise but will also be sure to be fully inclusive. Society only changes by awareness.

Deaf women are twice as likely to suffer domestic abuse as hearing women. Around 22 Deaf women are at risk of abuse every day. According to

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