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It’s so important to me that people of all backgrounds have role models in life and feel they can do anything they choose. As well as promoting diversity amongst the guests on my show, I have also employed a diverse production crew too. These jobs are not easy to secure for those with hard of hearing or Deafness, and that needs to change. - Vilma Jackson


The VilmaJackson 
Show - Episode 1

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There has always been a lack of opportunity and representation in the film industry. As she developed her career on stage and screen, she was aware that the lack of opportunities and mainstream attention towards the Deaf community, along with the lack of representation for Black and Asian members of the Deaf community, requires attention, debate, and action.

There are two episodes in 'The Vilma Jackson Show'. This first video was released on 11th March 2021 and highlights the talent within the Deaf community, while discussing obstacles to their career progression. 


As a follow-up to the original, the second was released in April 2021 to address the wider debate regarding diversity, inclusion, and equality and to show that these issues extend deeply into hearing diverse communities around the world, including the Deaf community.


The only way for society to change is for everyone to become aware of the issues and how they impact real people. We can create empathy by raising awareness. It is only through empathy that we can make a positive impact on society.

The VilmaJackson 
Show - Episode 2

Since episode 1 was such a success, Vilma and her guests discuss the broader debate around diversity, inclusion, and equality in episode 2. 


Diversity, inclusion, and equality are issues that cross all aspects of society, said Vilma, and are not limited to the hearing community. 


Having worked on screen and on stage, Vilma understands that the lack of opportunities and mainstream attention directed towards the Deaf community, as well as the lack of representation of Black Deaf and hard of hearing individuals, requires acknowledgement, debate, and action.

It is the purpose of Part 2 of The Vilma Jackson Show to highlight the talent within the Deaf community, as well as the barriers that prevent their advancement within various fields. Vilma invites members of the Deaf community from different backgrounds to discuss discrimination, privilege, and the skewed original message of the Black Lives Matter movement.

She asks her guests to share their talents to showcase the talent residing within the Deaf community and their success despite the lack of opportunities.

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