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Opportunity and representation have always been lacking in the film industry. Whilst I was building a career performing on screen and stage, I have been aware that the lack of opportunity and mainstream attention towards the Deaf community, plus the dearth of representation of the Black members of the Deaf community does require acknowledgement, debate and action.

‘The Vilma Jackson Show’ is filmed in two episodes. The first was released on 11th March and will highlight the talent within the Deaf community, whilst discussing the barriers to their progress within their given industries.


The second will be released in April and addresses the wider debate around diversity, inclusion and equality to show that these issues do not only apply to the Hearing world; they run deep into the Deaf community and every corner of our Society.


Society will only change if everyone is aware of the issues and how these issues affect real people. By raising awareness, we can create empathy. Only with empathy will we change society for the better.


My desire to write, perform and direct my own work under the umbrella of my own production company has been burning inside me for a long time. 


So, I created Vilma Jackson Productions and fortunately for me the Art’s Council England commissioned my first solo project called ‘Triple Oppression’.


This short story using British Sign Language poetry tells my struggles, aspirations and successes growing up Black, Deaf and as a Woman.


‘Triple Oppression’ was critically acclaimed and won four awards including Los Angeles Film Awards, New York Film Awards, FilmCon Awards and Festigious International Film Festival.

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British Sign Language Songs

I also translate mainstream songs into British Sign Language. It has been my aim to make music more accessible and enjoyable for the Deaf community. I want to demonstrate the potential of musical expression using British Sign Language. Signed songs are not a performance to be solely enjoyed by a Deaf audience, but an alternative interpretation of an artists material. They should be enjoyed by all.