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In this story, Vilma's journey is charted through British Sign Language, an expressive medium that allows her to express frustration, anger, hope, and joy. 

The juxtaposition of being told 'no' by industry but being encouraged to follow your dreams by your loved ones. The award-winning story of Vilma illustrates the strength of character it takes to hold onto dreams and develop those aspirations into reality.

You can read about her experience as a writer, producer, and performer during the production of her debut piece by clicking the link below.


or original

Take a look at her music collaborations including the award-winning 'Dear Hearing World' and the mainstream success of Woman's Hour - Her Ghost.


If you want original productions, then check out British Sign Language songs, where I take mainstream songs and translate them into British Sign Language. BSL is a beautifully expressive language the difficulty in translating lyrics and the intent behind the lyrics is critical to the authenticity of the song.

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