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Woman's Hour - Her Ghost

Woman's Hour 
Produced by Pundersons Gardens

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Vilma was chosen to represent the popular and world renowned group Woman's Hour in their music video for the hit, Her Ghost.

Vilma was chosen to 'sign' the song and trusted to translate the beautiful lyrics in to British Sign Language. Vilma's experience in performance arts lent itself perfectly to portraying the power of these melancholic lyrics into a 'performance' that complimented the looks and feel that Woman's Hour wanted for this piece. 


Rough trade had this to say; Placing the heart-wrenching vocals of Fiona Burgess against an intricate backdrop of expertly-crafted electronic textures, the new song finds its power through restraint with the band's attention to the smallest of details reflected in the richness of the end result. At once achingly subtle and breathtakingly powerful in its melodic display, 'Her Ghost' is testament to a band fully in command of their unique identity and sound.

British Sign Language Songs 
                by Vilma Jackson

I also translate mainstream songs into British Sign Language. It has been my aim to make music more accessible and enjoyable for the Deaf community. I want to demonstrate the potential of musical expression using British Sign Language. Signed songs are not a performance to be solely enjoyed by a Deaf audience, but an alternative interpretation of an artists material. They should be enjoyed by all.

Dear Hearing World
Produced by Red Earth  Studio  

'Dear Hearing World' is a short film directed by Adam Docker, based on Raymond Antrobus’ poem by the same name. The film blends Raymond’s spoken words with music and deaf actress Vilma Jackson’s powerful and thought-provoking performance in British Sign Language with striking urban London scenes.


This important work calls out ‘audio supremacy’ and asks us to acknowledge the deaf protagonist’s defiant indignation at their treatment by the hearing world. The poem 'Dear Hearing World' is partly inspired by Danez Smith and is from Raymond Antrobus’s critically acclaimed debut poetry collection 'The Perseverance'.

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